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The Blackzilians – A modern story of when one door closes, another one opens…

Nov 19, 2010
by ASM

The Blackzilians grew out of a brotherhood and collective passion for the sport of mixed martial arts. When number one light heavyweight contender “Suga” Rashad Evans left his old training camp in search of a home that would propel him into the upper echelon of professional training, and mark the genesis of his championship return, he found it in South Florida with the Blackzilians.

It started with a close friendship between fellow teammates Jorge Santiago and Gesias Cavalcante, who had began training at the same gym in Boca Raton. When their friend and businessman Glenn Robinson agreed to start the sports agency, Authentic Sports Management, and become their manager, it was not long before Michael Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Kenny Florian, Danillo and Yuri Villefort, Guto Innocente and Cosmo Alexandre also joined the agency and the training camp. Next came Tyrone Spong and Melvin Guillard, and with world class coaches leading the charge, the nickname “The Blackzilians” was born.

“One day after a workout I looked around at our team, everyone was cooling down, and I said to my manager, Glenn, ‘do you know that everyone in this camp is either Black or Brazilian’,” said Evans. “We looked at each other and we both said at the exact same time, ‘Blackzilians,’ and from then on the name stuck.”

Known as the Blackzilians, all of these professional athletes form the official fighting team called “Team JACO,” which is based in Delray Beach, Florida. While building its winning tradition is important with the Blackzilians, commanding and leading a cohesive team of young men who conduct themselves in and out of the arena as first-class citizens is what is valued most. As part of Team JACO, the Blackzilians maintain strict standards; only athletes who share and adhere to the highest values become and remain part of the team.

Authentic Sports Management, owned by Glenn Robinson, is the management agency for all of the Blackzilians. The mission of ASM is to manage athletes in their careers while building their personal brand and professional future to establish a life-long positive legacy. Together, Authentic Sports Management and Team JACO are fostering the talent and growth of the Blackzilians, securing the foundation for a prosperous future and building a championship tradition.

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