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The perfect night; Chas Skelly gets new record and Michael Johnson the KO of the Night

Sep 20, 2016
by ASM
Last weekend at UFC Fight Night 94 in Hidalgo, Texas the Blackzilians scored a perfect 2-0 score as two fighters Chas Skelly and Michael Johnson where the stars of the night. It was Chas his first fight training at the Blackzilians and it was the first main event fight for Michael Johnson, so it was a special night for the team.

Skelly was booked to fight Maximo Blanco and was the first fight on the main card. As soon as the fight started Skelly ran to his opponent attacking him with a flying kick. Both fighters ended up on the ground but it was Skelly his scramble skills that brought him in the right position to look for the d’arce choke. He had to tell the referee that Blanco was out so the referee stepped in a record time of 19 seconds. With this win he not only earned a performance of the night bonus but also got the record of fastest submission win in UFC history. What better way to start the event and have your debut with the Blackzilians.


Then moving on to the main event; Blackzilians own Michael “The Menace” Johnson taking on Dustin Poirier. The bookmakers saw Dustin as the favored coming into the fight and based on the UFC ranking the UFC felt the same way. Being the underdog works pretty well for MJ and just like his fight with Barboza he showed that nobody should count him out. Only one minute and thirty-five seconds in the fight Michael finished the fight with a beautiful and sharp two-punch combination that dropped Poirier to the canvas. With Poirier down he followed up with some hard ground and pound till the referee was forced to stop the fight.


With a great start and tremendous ending UFC in Hidalgo was a perfect night for the team. Skelly made his debut for the team and scored not only a performance bonus but also a record and Michael Johnson that finally got his first main event fight and winning the knockout of the night bonus in the process.

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