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May 20, 2015
by ASM
June 1, 2015, Boca Raton, FL – The Blackzilians today announced a marketing sponsorship with Fuzion Vapor, an emerging company in the exploding E-juice space.

Fuzion Vapor has quickly become a leader in the “vaping” industry and saw opportunity in joining forces with what many consider MMA’s most marketable team.

“Fuzion has climbed up the ranks of the premium E-juice market pretty fast," said Fusion Vapor Sponsorship Representative, Ryan Gibson of Hammerhead Sports Marketing. "Fuzion has one of the most recognizable and most used brands in vaping. Why not take one of the top brands in vaping and put them together with one of the top names in MMA. At Fuzion Vapor, the customers are treated like family…and there's only one team (in MMA) that has that family mentality."

The ongoing transition of the sponsorship market in Mixed Martial Arts presents an ideal time for out-of-cage sponsorship deals between companies and the larger teams to emerge. Representatives of the Blackzilians have taken notice to market indicators since prior to the UFC’s impending deal with Reebok, and have begun partnering with companies looking to stay relevant in the MMA space.

"It's perfect timing," said Gibson. "Over the past four-months, Fusion Vapor has been on basically every network they can get on. The thing was Fuzion Vapor didn't want the here, there, (and) everywhere, type of stuff. They wanted long-term deals…they want the family atmosphere. With the Blackzilians being located where they are, they're only about four hours away. It's more like a partnership, that's probably the best way to describe it.  We're going to be a part of their family and they'll be a part of our family. That's what Fuzion Vapor wants.  Smoking is probably one of the worst habits in the world, but vaping is a healthier alternative. Fuzion Vapor and the Blackzilians are combining efforts to help each other."

UFC’s plan for a new “Athlete Marketing & Development Program” is set to stream live on Wednesday. It remains to be seen how new plans will facilitate supplemental income for UFC athletes, but the Blackzilians are one team taking a proactive approach.

As part of the sponsorship, Blackzilians will be seen at Fuzion Vapor’s retail locations doing appearances and autograph signings throughout the year, as well as helping to educate their fans and followers about a healthier alternative to smoking.

Adriana Santiago, Digital/Social Marketing Manager for the Blackzilians offered the following take on the new partnership. “The Blackzilians have millions of social followers…real marketing power. We are approached often, but we look for stability and consistency in potential partners. Fuzion seems like a great fit. They’ve sponsored a few top-tier fighters and have received a decent response, but nothing else out there will have the impact of a partnering with the Blackzilians.”

For more information on Fuzion Vapor, contact:

Ryan Gibson
Combat Sports Representative – Fuzion Vapor
President of Hammerhead Sports Marketing

For more information about Fuzion Vapor, visit: http://FuzionVapor.com

For more information about the Blackzilians, visit http://Blackzilians.com

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