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BlackZilians Medical Team

Dr. Corey A Peacock, PHD, CSCS, ACSM-CPT

Dr. Peacock is serving a duel role for the Blackzilians as both a Performance Coach and Exercise Physiologist.  In this role, he is responsible for contributing physiological evaluations, strength & conditioning, and injury prevention.  His experience as both a Strength Coach and Sports Performance Researcher has allowed him to implement state of the art injury prevention technology and techniques within the team.  A former collegiate football player and coach, Corey graduated from Kent State University with a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, focusing his application in human performance.  He works closely with many Strength & Conditioning professionals from the NFL, NHL, MMA and NCAAF and is regarded as one of the top Performance Coaches and Exercise Physiologists in South Florida.

Douglas S. Kalman PhD, RD

Douglas S. Kalman PhD, RD, FACN – Dr. Kalman has been involved in over 200 clinical trials and projects within the pharmaceutical, medical and exercise - nutrition fields. He has published over 75 abstracts and more than 30 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is also a Co-Editor of one journal (JISSN) and on the Editorial Board of three Scientific Journals.  
Dr. Kalman received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University, Masters Degree from Hunter College - City University of New York and Doctorate in exercise and nutritional biochemistry (Health Research) from Touro University International. He is an Active Member and or Spokesperson with many organizations (ISSN, NSCA, APS, ACSM, etc.) and a co-founder of The International Society of Sports Nutrition (www.theissn.org). He has worked with Olympic Athlete’s (Nagano, Japan, Salt Lake City, UT, Torino, Italy and England and the upcoming 2016 Rio games) for Winter and Summer sports, professional athletes (i.e., MLB, NFL, NBA), musicians and music groups, combat sports (UFC-MMA), collegiate athletes and teams as well as Nike’s Elite Distance Racing Team (Oregon Project) and the general population. Dr. Kalman has edited four academic textbooks, contributed to more than five academic textbooks as well as two “popular press” books. He has been interviewed on various media outlets such as NBC, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, CNN, Discovery Channel plus others along with a host of radio shows.
Dr. Kalman is an Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Sports Nutrition in the Robert Stempel School of Public Health at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, Florida. He has been the Nutrition Program Consultant for IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida (www.imgworld.com) and is currently the Blackzilians Nutritionist and Physiologist in addition to serving as the Team Nutritionist for Coral Springs Aquatic Center and a nutrition consultant to the United States Tennis Association - Player Development Program (USTA). He has taught at New York University, C.W. Post-Long Island University and Florida Atlantic University. In addition to the aforementioned, Dr. Kalman is the Sports Nutritionist for the FIU Athletic Department, a Division I competitor with 18 fielded teams (www.fiusports.com).


We are a team of experts with more than 7 years of experience in the  Cellular Therapy field. We provide the highest quality care during  your quest to feel your best.In recent years, there have been many  exciting breakthroughs and therapeutic advances using cellular  therapy. Our team of world class scientists has developed safe and  effective procedures that may help improve your quality of life. 

Gelb Sports Medicine and Medical Center

Whether you are a professional athlete, a sports enthusiast or a  non-athlete in need of high quality orthopaedic care, our experienced  medical experts will provide you with world class diagnostics and  treatment. At the Gelb Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, we  offer a wide array of treatment options for individuals suffering from  sports injuries and chronic conditions, including those related to the  shoulder, elbow, hips, knee, foot & ankle, hand & wrist, and neck &  back . 

Dr. Jeremy Frank - Orthopedics

Dr. Jeremy Frank is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with  fellowship training in pediatric orthopaedic surgery and adolescent  sports medicine. He graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from  the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts. He  subsequently earned his medical degree at Northwestern University  School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, and then completed an  orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of Miami-Jackson  Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. After serving as chief resident  at the University of Miami, Dr. Frank then completed a one-year  fellowship in pediatric and adolescent orthopaedic sports medicine at  Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Acupuncture Zen

Dr. Tony Willcox D.O.M., A.P is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and  Acupuncture Physician who is NCCAOM National Double Board Certified In  Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine. Tony received the ‘Academic  Excellence Award’ for his studies in Chinese medicine. He has a  Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine.   www.acupuncturebocaraton.com

Hillsboro Urgent Care

The doctors at Hillsboro Urgent Care are dedicated to providing the  highest degree of family health care using the latest in medical  diagnostics equipment. 

Dr. G's Urgent Care

Dr. G's urgent care is a family owned and operated business. The  Graber family has served in healthcare for over 50 years,  collectively. Each brings their own expertise and their combined  talents have helped create this center to meet the healthcare needs of  you and your family quickly, affordably, and when you need us most.

Dr. Richard M. Davidson

Professionally committed to enhancing health and fitness, increasing  performance, rehabilitating injuries and illness, and relieving pain  through management, education, and service. This is accomplished with  chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise, diagnostic testing, postural  supports, nutrition, and encouraging the adoption of appropriate  healthy lifestyle behaviors.